Monday, April 18, 2016

Product review: Ogima Latex Expandable Garden All Brass Fittings

I have been using flexible hoses for about three summers. I have gone through a few of them. The main thing to know is that you cannot treat them the same as a regular garden hose. They are more fragile and require more care. Despite taking all the precautions this hose got busted the third time I used it. It seems to be more fragile than the hoses I used in the past. Luckily the breaks are somewhere in the middle so for now the hose is still usable with a couple of fountains in the middle of the hose, I used it twice since the first break and the fountains are still fairly small (see photos) but this hose is working on borrowed time.

I am still using it because flexible hoses are so easy to work with - this hose is light and when it has no water it gets much shorter so it is easy to store. The worst thing about these hoses that they are fairly fragile and don't last a long time. I had other hoses develop leaks, but not as quickly.

I take the following precautions:
1. When I use the hose I do not put the water pressure all the way up, I open the faucet at about half force (my water pressure is quite strong).
2. When I store the hose, I store it a bucket and bring it inside so it does not sit in the sun. Because they are light it really not difficult.
3. I make sure there it has no pressure on any part of the hose. I never hang it like I do with regular hoses. I store flexible hoses in a bucket. Even a 100 foot flexible hose bits into a regular size bucket.
4. Before storing the hose I drain it completely
5. When I use it I make sure I don't step on it and it does not tangle on anything. I lay it out straight toward the area that I need to water then fill it with water, then stretch to full length.

Yes, it is a lot of extra care but I really like that it is so light which makes it easier on my bad back.

I have used flex hoses with plastic and brass connections. Since I unscrew connect and disconnect the hose every time I use it I have a strong preference for brass connections, and this Ogima hose has brass connections. It also has a plastic on/off swtich between the hose and the sprayer which I find useful. The sprayer is an 8-pattern sprayer. The sprayer is plastic. The patterns are: soaker, cone, flat, center, mist, shower, angle, full. It has a dial that allows me to control the force of the water.

I received this flex hose for testing and review. Getting a sample does effect what I say whether I had a good experience or bad experience you will hear exactly what happened.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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Ali Julia review

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