Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Product review: UEB US Plug Socket with Energy meter Watt Voltage Current Meter

UEB socket is a nice tool for anyone who is energy conscious. For example, I have two things that keep my feet warm in the winter equally well - a set of electric booties and an electric carpet mat. I have been wondering which one is more efficient from the energy consumption point of view. Now I know!

Electric booties draw 41.5 W
Electric carpet is 49.5 W

UEB socket has a large easy to read display. Documentation is not the best, some portions of it is hard to understand due to translation, but the socket itself is not that complicated to figure out. UEB meter has several different modes. One of the modes allows you to see the actual costs of electricity of an appliance plugged directly into UEB (you need to enter the cost of electricity in you area using "set" mode) another shows electricity consumption graph for the last 7 days.

The unit runs on two button batteries either LR-44 or AG13. One set of batteries is included in the package. It comes with an insulator which can be just pulled out. You don't need to open the battery compartment. If you do closing the compartment is little finicky because you need to make sure that contacts in the cover are inserted into the slots in the body of the unit.

I am an energy conscious person, I find the ability to compare different appliances (like lamps and monitors and my feet heating options) more useful than the ability to track the cost of one specific appliance. I can see it being useful for tax purposes if someone had a home-based business and wanted to deduct the cost of electricity for the appliance they were using in the business.

This product was received at no cost to inspect and provide an honest review. No compensation besides the product was provided and the company was made aware that my review may be positive or negative depending on my experience with the product.

You can find this Socket energy meter on Amazon via this link.

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