Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Product review: VIKI LYNN Tahitian Pearl Necklace, Sterling Silver 9-10mm Round Tahitian Cultured Pearl

The black pearl in this necklace is lovely. I took several photos from different angles so you can see for yourself. I see no imperfections in the pearl. I put it next to my own set Tahitian earrings and even though the hue of my earrings is different the luster looks very similar. The easiest way to compare and evaluate luster is to look at the clarity of the reflections in the pearl - the sharper and the more distinct the reflection the higher quality is the pearl. I would say this pear has good luster (with the excellent luster being the best and the fair luster and the poor luster below the good rating).

The size of the earring is rated as 10mm and my digital caliper shows 9.97mm. The silver setting and chain are very plain, and I like that they let the pearl be the star of the show. I think the necklace looks very classy.

I received this necklace for evaluation and review as part of the new product introduction. If you are skeptical of my review because of this, please take a moment to look at my other reviews and see that I leave many critical review when the product deserves it.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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