Thursday, May 4, 2017

Product review: Velice 4 Pairs Soft Comfortable Novelty Cartoon Crew Pattern Cotton Socks

Amazon has several versions of these "cartoon" socks and I picked the "cat" socks. They are really cute. The socks are made out of cotton. My shoe size is 7.5 and these socks are a perfect fit, the heel is in the right place.

In my photos I show the socks inside out so you can see the construction. Looking at any garment inside out really tells you about the quality of the constructions. These socks look very neat, they low flat seams and no bulges at the toes. I have worn them for a few weeks, so they have been through a couple of laundry cycles and they still look good.

I have a pet peeve when vendors stable the socks through the center with a staple gun, often this weakens the threads and can creates holes. These socks were not staples, but they were sewing through the sock with some thread. It is better than stapling, but I still would have preferred to see just the clips (which were also used in addition to the thread).

I like these socks, they are cute and they are true to size.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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