Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Product review: AZGIANT 7'' Inch Navigation and DVR for car /truck

The navigation device combines a car DVR and navigation system.  It has a 7" screen and comes with a windshield mount.  This device is an Android tablet which is running DVR and Navigation apps. It is running Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) version of the operating system. It comes with 16G ROM and accepts a micro SD card up to 32G.  I am using it with micro sd card. When I inserted a micro sd card the system prompted me if I wanted to switch to using the external sd as my storage.  That was nice, I did not have to hunt of where to change the settings.

The screen is not a high resolution screen compared to a typical Android tablet or phone but it is sufficient for navigation.

1) DVR video quality: video  quality is acceptable for a dash cam during the day and the night. You can see the video it took during the day in the sun and at night. The colors are a little bit washed in the sun and at night the oncoming lights are overexposed in order to capture video in the dark. I would not be happy if my camera recorded it but it is good enough for a dash cam.  The camera records full HD 1080p video.
2) The mount included with the DVR works well,  it stays firmly mounted even on rough roads.
3) The dash cam uses standard mini USB cable and the cable is included in the package.
4) The user interface is straightforward especially if you are familiar with Android OS. It has a touch screen and the touch screen is responsive.

1) A 7" screen is large and easy to see even for someone with imperfect vision.  However, the screen is hard to see in the sun.  This is typical for LCD screens, this one is not any worse than others but if you are drying in the sun it is hard to see. The screen looks good in the shade and is superb during the night. 
2) The maps are from 2014.  Updates are available from a Chinese web site which is problematic - the connection is unreliable. The maps do not have street view like Google navigation which allows you to see the actual street and buildings.
3) The strong point of this navigation system compared to Google maps is that it does not require cell coverage.  Our favorite navigation system current is Google Navigation but it requires cell coverage (you can download load maps but they expire and I have been caught without local maps that were current). The cell coverage requirement means that Navigation does not work in some rural areas where we like to travel on weekend.  There is no such restriction using Azgiant system.
4) The speaker is good. It has a good volume and a choice of voices. The voices sound natural and have a choice of American or British accents.
5) Destinations can be saved a "Favorites".  It is easy to do with just a few keystrokes.
6) The navigation screen does not rotate, you need to install horizontal orientation
7) There an option for traffic notification if you use WIFI.  However when we ran Google Navigation and Azgiant at the same time Google was generating traffic warnings and Azgiant did not.  The overall result was that Azgiant route took longer than Google route.  In general, Google Navigation calculations of our arrival time were more accurate over a number of different trips we did with both GPS doing the routing.
8) If you notice that the suggested route is a straight line rather than clinging to the road you are following you put the system is in "off road" mode.  This happened to me accidentally and it took a while to figure out why it no longer follows the road.  The touch screen is sensitive and accidentally brushed that setting while looking at the settings.
9) The default speed warnings are pretty annoying as they sound even if you drive at speed limit. However you can change them under "Settings" menu. You can select the warning to sound (or appear) between 101% and 130% of the speed limit to make them less annoying.

Overall, it is a decent option for when you need to operate without cell coverage. However, if you have a cell phone and cell coverage Google Navigation is superior.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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