Monday, January 16, 2017

Product review: lethmik Infinity Scarf Rex Rabbit Hair Knit Scarves Winter Warm Neck Scarfs Multicolor

This scarf is woven out if rabbit hair.  Rabbit hair is combined with wool to form "hairy" wool.  This is not a skin of the animal, just like a scarf woven out of plain wool it is not solid and has small holes in the weave.  The hair is pretty dense so unless you look at it through the light you do not see the holes. I wondered if such construction would shed, but it does not shed. It looks pretty full, until you touch it you can't tell is woven. It feels very soft on top, and knobby from the knitting if you press down.

The scarf is an infinity scarf and is 56" long. This length allows me either wear it long as is or wrap it around twice, which then puts it right against my chin. The soft and silky fur feels very nice against my neck and it looks good. The only negative I can say that it has a bit of a scent. It is not a moldy smell, probably some sort of anti-moth scent used for storage. After airing it out for 2 weeks the scent is gone. I looked up tips for scent removal for fur and used this method: use a vinyl garment bag and fresh coffee grounds. Hang the fur scarf in the vinyl garment bag, put a container with fresh coffee grounds in the bottom of the bag. Zip the garment bag closed, and leave the scarf in the bag until the scent goes away. Every now and then the coffee grounds should be stirred. In about a week the scent was gone. The scarf did smell like coffee but after airing out in a well-ventilated area the coffee smell dissipated and the other scent did not return.

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