Sunday, January 29, 2017

Product review: AT&T 1740 Digital Answering System - video review

I purchased this AT&T answering machine for my elderly mother. I had two key requirements: simple to use and something that could be made  totally silent when the caller is a recording a message.  Apparently the silent mode was removed on this answering machine at some point in time as some reviewers reported, however the unit I purchased in January of 2017 can be silent as I demonstrate in attached video.  The sound is recorded clearly, not garbled in any way.

The answering machine is fairly simple to use.  The set up is simple, the minimum set up requires just setting the clock.  You can optionally record your own greeting but the default one is very reasonable as well.  The answering machine hook up: the answering machine is plugged into the wall, the phone plugs into the answering machine.  The phone is not needed for the answering machine to work, but we have the phone plugged in.  The answering machine does not ring as a phone would, it does make a beep when it starts recording. You can see how this works in my video. Note that the incoming call ringing comes from my phone that is hooked into the back of the answering machine.

If you have caller id it will announce the phone number (not the name) of the caller. If you are using the phone and another call comes in the answering machine will not record. Call waiting function works as before the answering machine was attached. The answering machine can hold 60 minutes of messages.  The old messages can be deleted one at a time (as you listen to them) or all at once.

The answering machine comes with AC adapter. It has a built-in backup battery for the clock. When I unplug the answering machine to move it to another location the clock remains set.  But this battery works only for a short period. When I left the answering machine unplugged for a few days it forgot the date and time. 

There are two small things I don't like: (1) the phone cord does not plug into the machine, it is built in.  So if the cord tongue breaks you can't easily replace it. (2) The play button is the large silver area near the display, it does not look like a button and it is not clearly marked as "play". My mother had trouble finding the play button is on her own. All other buttons are better marked.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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