Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Product review: Cushion made from memory foam for wheelchair or rolator

I have a bad back and had two back surgeries. I am very sensitive to the shape of cushions and how they compress as my back "complaints". The issue I have with this pillow is how it compresses when I sit on it. It does not compress evenly so I feel pitched forward. This could be entire based on a person's geometry, weight and height but I am not finding this cushion comfortable.

On the positive side it appears to be very well made. It is heavy, and its underside has texture that keeps it from sliding. It is generously sized at 18" x 16". This size fits the seat of wheelchair and rolator well. As I mentioned earlier it is heavy - 3 pounds and 14 oz. This is both good and bad. It is heavy to carry when it is not in place, but the weight makes it stay in place when it is in wheelchair or rolator that are moving while the person is not sitting on the cushion. The pillow is made out of memory foam, so the 3" thickness compresses significantly when someone sits on it. The bottom of the pillow and the cover have silicone dots so the pillow is non-slip.

This cushion was provided to me for evaluation with a request for a review as part of a new product introduction. If you are skeptical about my review because of that I invite you to examine my reviews to see that I leave critical reviews when the product deserves it. The issue for me is that it compresses at a different rate in the front and in the back and I feel tilted forward.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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