Monday, January 2, 2017

Product review: Fantastic Deals Black Fleece Hooded Balaclava Face Mask

This balaclava is a great fit for me. I am a female with a relatively average size head. I wear hats sized small. It is made out acrylic fleece. This is a super warm balaclava.  The shape of the opening and the overall fit can be adjusted using elastic with locks.  The hood is 9" deep which is just right for me.  It fits me better than balaclavas that are deeper because if they are too deep they tend to slide forward and minimize side vision.

The balaclava is 12"from the top to the bottom edge (at the shoulder) and 9" from the front edge to the center seam in the back.

As any balaclava it can be worn many ways - with the face cover, the face cover pushed under the chin, with the hood pushed backed to wear it as  scarf, or totally rolled up to make it fit like a cap.

The construction quality is good, the finish is neat. My photos show it inside out as well as the right side out.  When the balaclava first arrived it had a bit of scent  from the manufacturing process.  The scent was gone after I washed it.  This balaclava is colorfast.  I washed it by hand to test for colorfastness.  The first time the water was slightly muddy, the second time it was totally clear. 

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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