Sunday, September 18, 2016

Product review: Cooksmark Copper Pan 10 inches Induction Compatible Nonstick Frying Pan, Skillet, Saute Pan

Cooksmart asked me if I wanted to try this skillet and write a review about my experience. If this makes you skeptical about the review, examine the track record of the reviewer. I have a long history of leaving critical reviews when the products deserve it.

So how did this skillet do? Surprisingly well! It has a few short comings but they are not major.

My package had no instructions. No information on whether to use oil or not, whether it needs to be cured, how it should be cleaned. It also comes without a cover and in attached video you see me using my own cover as I was able to find one that is reasonable match in size. I also do not like the shape or thickness of the handle. It is fairly thin and not particularly comfortable, and it gets quite hot.

With the negative things out of the way I now get to the good parts. The coating really works well. I cook several things in attached video, all of them on medium heat, no butter or oil at all.

The surface of the skillets gets a little brown, and until I put it under water I was not sure how much cleaning it would require... half of the baked on stuff came off just from the water flow, the other half with a gentle rub of a soft sponge. Frying meatballs is something that typically requires a lot of scrubbing with a steel brush when I use my stainless steel skillet. This was so easy!

Some other observations:

~ The bottom is mostly magnetic, so it will work on the induction cooktop. I say "mostly" because there is a small circle in the center that is not magnetic. I show this in the video.
~ The bottom of this skillet us totally flat. Which means it will work on induction cooktop, gas stoves, electric stoves as well as halogen stoves.

Overall, even though not perfect the coating works really well, I like not having to scrub and I like being able to cook without adding extra oil.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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