Sunday, June 12, 2016

Product review: Rionix LB38 Premium Nano-Titanium Coating for Automobiles

The Rionix comes in a vey small pump bottle. It is hard to tell the relative size from the stock photo, so I am including a few photos in context. The pump produces a very fine mist, and should be applied on wet car preferably in the shade. The mist is very fine and if there is any wind it will be it into your face. Learn from my experience and always be aware of the wind direction. The application is pretty easy it does not need a hard polish, just light buffing.

On the negative side, not only is the bottle very small but a good portion of the solution leaked during transit. When the bottle arrived it was wet and leaking from under the cap. The packging was wet and I got a lot of it my hands. In one place in documentation it said to wear gloves when applying the solution, so I am not sure how safe it is to get on the skin.

The documentation has several inconsistencies. For example, in one place it said it could be applied to wet or dry car, in another place it said to apply only to wet car. I applied it to a wet car just be safe. It was also inconsistent on which surfaces I could spray. I avoided the glass and treated only the painted surfaces.

Ingredients from the box: Titanium Diozide, Silicon Dioxide, Ethyl Silicate, PolyDimethylsiloxane, Paraffin Distillate Aliphatic Hydrocarbone, Ultrapure Water.

100 ml NET 3.4 fl.oz.
Product of Korea

I received Rioinix for evaluation and review. The bottom line: the package and the documentation needs improvement. The amount of spray you get should be clearly stated to avoid surprises. It has been slightly over a week since I applied the coating. The car does look shiny and I see the water rolling off as beads.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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