Saturday, June 4, 2016

Product review: Rear View Mirrors Blind Spot Mirrors

As you see in attached video this mirror really works to reduce a blind spot, however its weakest point is the ability to stay stuck to the car. One of our cars has textured finish and this mirror did not stick at all. The second car initial held the mirror, but it came off in a few days. The time it is staying is getting shorter with time, so I will need to come up with another way to attach it.

There is a very narrow area where you have to mount the mirror to make it show a blind spot to the driver. It takes two people to position it as I had to move it around quite a bit to find the right spot and angle. In attached video you can see how I placed it and what it looks like from the driver's seat with another car placed into a blind spot.

On the positive side, it does work and shows you what you otherwise cannot see. On the negative side,the mirror is quite small (1 5/8" x 1 7/8") and you can see that the reflection is quite small. It does not stick to all car finishes. If you have smooth plastic near the window frame (rather than textured or velvety) then chances of it sticking well are better.

The package includes two mirrors but only one adhesive enhancer prep. It should have included at least two or more. If you don't mount both mirrors at the same time you cannot use the prep for the second mirror.

The way the mirror is mounted is that the base is attached to the car via a sticky tape, and then the mirror attaches to the base with a magnet. This allows you to angle the mirror as needed. However, if your the angle is large the bond with the stand is weaker and you are increasing the chances of the mirror flying off when you hit a bump on the road. So finding a good position for the base is key.

I received this mirror for testing and review as part of new product introduction on Amazon. I described pluses and minuses of my experience with the product. Bottom line, if your has a smooth finish that takes sticky tape well this mirror reduces the blind spot.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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