Monday, June 20, 2016

Product review: LED Desk Lamp and Grow Light

In attached video you can see a 10 day dairy of four pea seedlings - one was growing in a sunny window, one under a 12W grow bulb, and finally one using the 6W grow lamp offered in this listing. I have been using grow lamps for a couple of seasons and how well the plants do compared to the sunny window depends on how late in the grow season I am doing the comparison. In April the grow lamps win as April sun in New England is not that strong (or frequent). In May a plant in a sunny windows did better than the plants under the grow lamps. Never the less the plants under the grow lamp are healthy, robust, and only somewhat smaller.

Both grow lamps were turned on for 14 hours a day using a timer (off at night). You might think that a plant under 6W lamp would get less light and be smaller than a the plants under the stronger 12W lamp but as you see in the photos that is not the case. The plant under the 6W plant did as well as the plant under 12W. The difference is how many plants can fit under one light. 6W lamp generates a small spot light, just right for one plant. 12W grow bulb in a goose neck lamp can light 6 small pots with seedlings.

To satisfy my curiosity I measured the light generated by 6W bulb of this lamp and the light light generated by the 12W bulb with a lux meter (which measures light intensity) and the measurements were similar.

As a final thought I want to share a tip I learned from several years of experience of using grow bulbs: having a fixture with a goose neck is very important. If the plant gets too close to the bulb it can be burned, so I adjust the neck as the plant grows.

This grow lamp has an excellent pliable neck. Howeverm it is not very long, it is 14.5" and my other goose neck lamps are longer. Because it has a clip it might be possible to clip it to something else to gain extra height. The clip of the lamp opens easily and the jaws open 2.5" wide. The cord has in-line on/off switch and a regular plug.

This grow lamp is provided by Aceple. As you see in the photo diary, the plant under this lamp did well although not quite as well as the plant under natural sunlight.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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