Friday, June 24, 2016

Product review: Littleadd Multi-functional Hidden Camera Spy Alarm Clock Motion Detection Nanny Camera 720P with Remote Control,

I like the idea of having a security camera that looks like a regular clock, however I ran into a number of problems with this camera. The main issue I have that the user interface is hard to use, you cannot tell when the camera is working or not (it communicates by turning on a subtle blue light which turns off quickly). The only way to control the video settings is using the remote control. Neither continuous video nor motion activated video works reliably. I managed to get a few videos but most of the time I find the micro SD card blank. I cannot trust it to do the job.

Even if it worked more reliably recording videos the video camera has one other design flaw that would have caused me not to like this camera. It cannot run while the battery is charging. Recording running on a battery only lasts less then 2 day while the battery is new (so it will get shorter as the battery ages). I own a good number of video cameras and all of them can record while charging, this video camera cannot. For a video camera that is meant to run continuously to catch some unknown event the fact that it needs to be turned off to be charged is a problem from a practical point of view. It is easy to forget to do it. Another alternative is to have a spare battery and then instead of charging the battery flip to pre-charged battery. However having to change the battery every day is something that is inconvenient and would not work at all if one wants the camera to record while they are on vacation.

The video quality is not great, but it is certainly enough to see what is going. I include video recorded by the video camera so you can see the recordings yourself. My video has sections recorded under bright light, in low light, and in the complete darkness. The camera is able to record in each situation although the quality of the video decreases as the amount of light decreases. The infra-red video taken in the darkness is black and white, so you can tell the difference with the regular video.

I received this video camera from Littleadd at no cost with a request to test and review this clock camera. Getting a free product does not influence what I say. This camera has a number of short comings which I did my best to show and describe.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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