Sunday, May 18, 2014

Product review: Soaiy Lastest Bluetooth 4.0 Car Hands Free Visor Speakerphone

The best thing about this speaker is the clip that allows to place the speaker on a visor, which makes it very convenient to control and answer phone calls. The speaker performed well when making phone calls.  The sound was clear and loud for voices. The positioning on the visor was very convenient. The speaker works to stream music from the phone but Soaiy speaker does not have a lot of range, so the music did not sound as good as with some other small speakers.  My video includes small snippets of both a music clip and making a phone call. 

The worst thing about the speaker is the charger that comes with it.  There are many things in the car that I want to charge and I want to have one charger that is cable of charging the phone or a GPS or a speaker.  This charger is not cable of charging anything but the speaker.  The charger kept the phone from discharging but did not charge it up. I performed the two tests I use to test all chargers - a current monitor and a 10 minute test. A 10 minute charging test showed 0% charging.  The current monitor showed 0.57A/4.64V reading, which is about half of what is needed to charge my Android mobile phone.  I repeated the test with my own charging cable in case the cable that came with the charger was a data cable (data cable provide lower speed of charging), but got exactly the same results. When I took the charger out of the car port after two  10 minute tests I smelled a slight electrical burning smell and the charger was warm.  I would not recommend using this charger to recharge anything but the speaker. If you want to have one charger in the car that charges both the speaker and the phone look for another car charger.

Soaiy S-31 bluetooth speaker mounts on the visor and 5" wide, 1.875" high and 0.75" thick (without the clip) and 1.65" with the clip.  It comes with a 47" charging cable. The car plug is 3" and has a 1 port.

The front of the speaker has volume up and down buttons as well as a big answer button. The microphone is located right under the phone icon on the answer button. This speaker support Bluetooth 4.0 which has lower power consumption.  According to documentation the built-in battery can last up to 30 days on a single charge when it is in a standby mode.  It can support connections to two phones.  Bluetooth turns off automatically to save power when it is not in use.  To pair the speaker with the phone turn on the device and it will flash blue and red LED to indicate that it is in a pairing mode.  To connect two phones, pair the first phone then hold the bluetooth button for 5 second pair the second phone.  At this point the first phone becomes disconnected but can be connected again by tapping on connect on the phone.  This will result in both phones being connected to the speaker. When the speaker is connected to a device the battery status indicator will be displayed on the phone. When the battery is low a red indicator on the speaker will flash quickly three times every 3 seconds. When call comes in the speaker generates an alert and it will be pick up the call if you hit the answer button.  To disconnect the call you need to hit the answer button again.  If the switch on the bottom of the speaker is in 'off' position, the speaker will not generate alerts for incoming calls.

To summarize, The highlight for me is that it can be placed on the visor and that it works well for phone calls. On the strength of that feature I rate it 4 stars. The weakest point is the charger and I threw it away and use the speaker with another charger.  The overall star rating for both is 3 stars as I give more weight to the good speaker.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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