Monday, May 26, 2014

Product review: Poweradd™ Universal Dual USB Port Adapter Power Wall Charger

This charger worked well with my iPad Mini but did not work at all with my Android phone. It provided under half of 1 Amp when I charged my Android phone on both ports. It did not upcharge the phone at all in my 10 minute charging test. I have tested many wall chargers and have never seen such poor performance for this phone.

I run the same tests to test all my chargers and power banks. I started running these tests when my Android devices had HoneyComb operating system so I was able to observe the improvements in charging with different version of the Android OS. Before Android OS 4.21 I could only get fast charging on 1A port, and would get slower performance on 2.1A port (designed for Apple devices) on my Android devices. After upgrade to Jelly Bean 4.21 I see the same performance on 2A and 1A ports as Google figured out the Apple protocol and now my Android devices typically charge similar in speed on both ports ports. When I saw slow performance it still charged a few percent in 10 minutes. This charger showed 0% upcharge. I thought I just got a bad charger, but then it did extremely well charging my iPad Mini. I repeated charging my Android phone several times using different cables, but got the same results.

If you are interested in the details of the tests I am including them below for reference.

The Poweradd wall charger is 1.5" x 1.24" x 1.5" and has two charging ports.

I use the current monitor and a 10 minute charging to test to test all my chargers, this gives me two data points to compare them to each other so I can tell which chargers perform well relative to their peers.

Samsung Nexus phone
Port 1 - USB charging - 0% in 10 minutes (no change)
Port 1 current monitor: 0.45A/5.08V

Port 2 - USB charging - 0% in 10 minutes (no change)
Port 2 current monitor: 0.44A/5.09V

iPad Mini tablet
Port 1 - AC charging - 5% in 10 minutes
Port 1 current monitor: 1.79A/5.02V

Port 2 - AC charging - 5% in 10 minutes
Port 2 current monitor: 1.63A/5.04V

If you only own Apple devices this wall charger does a fine job. However I use both Apple and Android mobile devices, so having a charger that can do just one of them is not good for me..

[You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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