Friday, May 30, 2014

Product review: Levin™ Sol-Wing 13W Ultra-slim Highest Efficiency Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger

This solar panel consists of two solar panel, each having a solar element which is 10.5" x 5". It has one USB port, which you can use with your own cords.

When the solar panel is fully open its size is 16" X 12.5" X .5", when folded it is 12" X 7" x 0.75". The panel has loops so you can hang it aimed at the sun, or attach to your backpack while hiking.

This solar panel does not have a battery to store the energy, it is purely a solar charger. It chargers the device only when the panel is the sun. Since in general it is not good for electronics to be exposed to sun this panel has a tri-fold design which allows you put the phone in pocket under the panel. The pocket is well designed: it is a mesh pocket with a double zipper which makes it easy to open and position your device. The pocket is 10" x 5", so most tablets will not fit into it but it works well for a smart phone.

I measured the performance of this solar panel with a current monitor. I could see how it delivered different amount of energy based on the sun condition (bright sun, dim sun due to clouds, angle of the sun to the panel).

The best reading I got for my Android phone is 1.04A and 4.85V (bright sun, solar panel had perpendicular angle to the sun). For comparison when the sun got a little dim because a thin cloud in the sky the reading dropped to 0.45A and 4.12V.

I thought the panel worked well and I liked the fairly large zipped pocket with a mesh design, which is better than my old solar panel which had a smaller pocket without a zipper.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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