Thursday, May 8, 2014

Product review: BrazelBerries Raspberry Shortcake Bush survived New England winter

I purchased BrazelBerries Raspberry bush last May in a local garden store. By July I had lovely full size berries as you can see in my video. I waited to write this review until I saw if the bush survived in the planter through the harsh New England berries. I left the planter outside. I did wrap it in burlap, but we had a very harsh winter and I was not sure if the bush would come back. I saw no signs of live until last week when I finally saw two fresh shoots growing from the root ball. It made it!

Fruits grow on second year canes. The sprouts from the ground will become canes that fruit next year. Old canes with new growth fruit during this year. The old canes that have no new growth should be cut to the ground level.

The bush was attractive all summer, the container kept the raspberries from spreading, and the berries were delicious. This raspberry bush has no thorns so it easy to pick. I did not get a huge amount of berries but there was a few berries every day. I liked it and was happy to see it made it through the winter.

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