Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Product review: Soiree Tempour Bottle Pourer

Tempour is an elegant system for serving, chilling and aerating fine wine. It can be used instead of ice buckets for practical purposes or just because it looks cool (no pun intended).

Tempour is made out stainless steel and silicon. It has several components that come apart for cleaning. The package includes a small brush that can be used to clean the narrow parts of the unit. The pourer component is 2.75", the stopper 1.375", the filter/aerator component is 3", and the chiller is 7". The chiller is filled with gel which keeps the chiller cool. Total length of the unit is 12 inches, below the cork line is 10 inches. The chiller portion is detachable and the pourer/aerator can be used without it. Tempour weighs 9.2 oz. I am including a photo of everything included in the package, it can be found by following 'customer photos' link under the main photo.

The first time I tried the chiller I did not think of how much volume it will displace... and as captured on my embarrassing video spilled the wine. As they say "Do not try this at home". Remember not to use the chiller on a full bottle of wine. My second attempt was more graceful.

I received Tempour from the manufacture with a request for an honest review (good or bad) to share how it works for me. Whether you want to impress your guests or looking for a unique gift for a wine connoisseur Tempour will do a nice job.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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