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Product review: Kinivo BTH360S Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

✔ The headset produces good sound, I tried different music and it performed well at different ranges, including Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor which is a stress test for the bass that I use to test different speakers. Some speakers crackle and can't handle it, but this headset handled it very well.
✔ The headset has a rigid head band. At first I thought it was too small for my head, but then realized that it needs to be position in the back almost around the neck. See photo #2 and #3 as it is easier to see than explain in words.
✔ Because the headband is rigid it does not catch on anything (shirt collar, ears, earing). I have another bluetooth wireless headset which has a soft longer cord that rests on my shoulders in the back, and I like this headband better.
✔ Controls are located on the headband, you have to locate them by touch when you are wearing the headset.
✔ The LED light is very small an narrow, it is hard to see especially in the bright light
✔ The ear pieces are fairly small, they are 1" from the tip to headband, 6/8" are outside the ear. The battery is located in the headband not in the earpiece. I find them very comfortable even for my small ears. I like them better than the other bluetooth headset I own, which houses the battery inside of the earpiece which make the earpiece a bit larger and heavier, and thus more proned to popping out.
✔ The earphones come with three three sets of ear tips for small, medium and large ears. I left them with the medium tips which are installed when the headset arrives.
✔ The volume of the headset can me made quite loud. The volume at highest setting is uncomfortably loud for me, so they go pretty high.

✔ The range between the headset and the mobile device should be 10 meters (33 feet) or less. When I get outside that range the reception breaks up.
✔ Low battery indicator (red LED flashes twice every 30 seconds, three dong tones every 30 seconds)
✔ To do a factory reset (this deletes pairing list): hold multi-function key and volume up ("+") button at the same time for 8 seconds. Red and blue LEDs will flash at the same time briefly when the operation is completed.

You an use this bluetooth headset with devices that support one of the profiles that Kinivo headset supports. Kinivo bluetooth headset supports the following profiles:
Headset profile (HSP)
Adanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Audio/Video Rempte Control Profile (AVRCP)

For devices that support HSP this headset can
✔ answer, end, or reject calls.
✔ redial last number
✔ voice dial
✔ adjust volume
✔ transfer between headset and phone
✔ mute/cancel mute (Mute mode is indicated by two tones every 10 seconds)

For devices that support A2DP this headset can
✔ listen to wireless audio
✔ adjust volume
✔ remotely control pause and play
✔ remotely control next/previous track

The headset comes with a special charging clip which clips to the headset to charge it (see photo #1). It takes 3 hours to fully charge the headset, and it can be used for 6 hours to listen to music or talk on the phone on a single charge. It has 150 hours of standby time.
There is a small light on the back of the ear piece that indicates the status of the battery (see photo #4). When the red light is on the headset is charging, when it is done charging the read light turns off.

✔ Keep your device close to the headset
✔ Put headset into pairing mode by pressing the multifunction button for 6-7 seconds. When it is in pairing mode the LED status indicator will flash red and blue alternately. The headset stays in the pairing mode for 2 minutes.
✔ Enable Bluetooth on your device and scan for near by bluetooth devices.
✔ Kinivo BTH360-S will appear as a device name. If your device supports Bluetooth 2.1 password is not needed, otherwise enter "0000"
✔ When the headset successfully connects blue LED on the headset will flash twice every 4 seconds (Note that if the light flashes once every 2 seconds it indicates that there is no connected device)
✔ Every time the headset is turned on it will connect to the last connected device automatically

I received this headset from the manufacture with a request for an honest review, be it positive or negative. This review includes the positives and negatives of my experience with this bluetooth headset. The highlights for me were the sound quality and how comfortably they fit my ears.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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