Friday, April 10, 2015

Product review: SplashETech Mini 0805 Ambarella Car DVR Recorder

If you read just a few lines of this review let me start by saying that you can get a firmware update and a corrected manual from the manufactures web site. The website is called and the home page allows you to down load a new manual and SplashETech Mini0805 Firmware(20141211 V1.0). Amazon does not accept links in the reviews, but if you Google for the name you will find it. The update was easy, all I had to do was copy this file on a sd micro card and when the camera booted up it prompted to "Update?", I selected yes. Then remove the file from the micro sd card as it will ask you to update every time it is turned on and sees this file.

Now onto the rest of the review.

Mini 0805 is a small HD video recorder designed for to be mounted on the windshield the car. It record video, GPS, and audio. It is powered by a regular micro USB cable, so even though it is designed for a car if you want a general purposes recorder that records to a micro sd it can do that job as well. This video recorder has many options: video quality, recording in a loop or stopping when disk is full, recording all the time or only when motion is detected, recording car speed and gps data, and so forth. The camera records full HD 1080p video, the quality of the video is excellent. The camera has 120º Wide Angle Lens. Note that there is a mistake in the original manual describing this lens as 135º Wide Angle Lens but the updated manual I mentioned above corrects this.

In attached video I show video of Mini 0805 as well as the video recorded by Mini 0805.

The Mini 0805 package includes the camera, 116 inch power cord that plugs into the car cigarette lighter output, and a micro USB cable. Note that the micro SD card is not included. The manufacturer recommends using Class 6 card. Class 4 is ok is okay, but Class 10 might cause problems. Maximum micro SD card is 32G.

There is only one option for mounting and it is permanent. You need to attach it to permanently adhere it to the car with a sticky tape. The camera has no screw mount. Having an optional screw mount would have been a great improvement as I would like to move this video cam between cars. The mount is one side of the camera so the camera cannot be balanced on the dash as is. I came up with kludge that allowed me to balance the camera by mounting a foam block on the camera bottom for balance and then mounted on a sticky pad that clings to the dash. This way I can move the pad between our cars depending on who is driving.

The user interface is straightforward and easy. The only thing I needed the manual for is to learn how to get to the menus to set my preferences. This is done by holding down the up button for a few seconds. After that up and down arrows allowed me to navigate the menus and ok button made the selection.

Overall, I was impressed with the camera and the video it captured. The only thing I did not like was the mount which allowed only one option with a permanent attachment.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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