Saturday, April 4, 2015

Product review: Cord-Cordless Iron by Smartek USA

I am a quilter so I have have used a number of irons in my life not just for clothing but for seams working with intricate quilts. I never had a cordless iron before and I love it! It gives me a lot of freedom of movement, the cord is not pulling no matter what angle I am at. The iron can be used in corded and cordless. If you do a lot of steaming the corded more is better as the irons cools faster in the cordless mode. I like this iron a lot so why is not a 5 star review? Because the cord is only 63 inches and if I need to use it in the corded mode it is not enough to reach the entire length of my ironing board.

I thought the steam function worked well and the handle was comfortable to work with. I like the location of the opening to fill the reservoir for steam. It is on top of the iron and I can do it while it rests on its stand. It did not leak, the spray was even, the amount of steam was sufficient for working out wrinkles.

The iron is quite light (1 pound 13.6 oz), the iron with the station weighs 2 pounds and 12.8 oz. It is fairly large. The iron is 11 inches tall when it stands in its station, and the plate is 8.5" long.

Overall, I really like the cordless mode, I only wish the cord was longer.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★☆

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