Friday, April 24, 2015

Product review: Mactrem Q666 Portable Camera Magnesium Aluminium Tripod Monopod Q-666 Tripod With Ball Head

This is a nice tripod and has a lot of features that I really liked. Photography is one of my serious hobbies and I own a number of tripods. This tripod met four of my requirements for a tripod and fell short on one.

My requirements:

❌ Quick release legs. This tripod does not have quick release feet. Each collapsible leg is made out of 4 sections and is released by twist locking mechanism. Quick release legs is something I find extremely helpful - often to catch the desired short setting up tripod in a few seconds is the difference between getting or not getting my shot. For this reason I use this tripod in my home studio where speed of set up is never a factor. The twist lock mechanism is slow, but holds well.

✅ Ability to attach a quick release plate. This tripod include a quick release plate. The release plate is made out of metal and is sturdy with a heavy duty construction. Quick plate tightening mechanism can be tightened by hand with a loop that is built-into the screw (no need to use a penny like quick plates with a slot mechanism).

✅ Lightweight. This tripod weighs 3 pounds 5.6 oz (this weight include the tripod and the ball head). The ball head by itself weighs 13.6 oz. This tripod is heavy enough to withstand a gust of wind yet light enough to carry around without much trouble.

✅ Able to support a digital SLR with 300 zoom lens. This tripod handles my Canon DSR camera with 300 zoom lens without a problem. It is rated for weight up to 17.5 pounds.

✅ Flexible ball head or ability to mount any ball head. This tripod comes with a nice ball head and this tripod can accept any standard ball head. The panning and tilting is smooth.

The ballhead has three adjustment knobs.

♦ Pan knob is a small knob at the bottom.
♦ Ball knob is the medium sized knob. Using it I can position to ball to align with a 90-degree slot for vertical orientation.
♦ Tightness control this is the largest knob. It allows me to control how loose the ball movement is (i.e. how loose or tight the movement feels). When I want to make fine adjustments I tighten it, when I want to reposition I make it loose.

This tripod came with a couple of extras:

✅ Comes with a padded carrying case. Most of my tripod cases are just heavy duty nylon, this one actually has thin padding all around.

✅ It comes with a spare bag to store the ball head. Since I already have another ball head I find a storage bag useful to store the one I am not using.

Tripod's maximum height is 61". When it is collapsed its size is 13 3/4".

This tripod can be converted into a monopod using a provided hex key. The conversion is not fast as it requires working with a number of screws and washers. It is not something I would do on the road as it is easy to loose a washer or a screw. Some of the screws were extremely tight the first time I unscrewed them.

This is a nice sturdy tripod and a very reasonable price.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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