Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Product review: Pyle PSTMH10 Pure Clean Handheld Steamer Birdie

This is my second handheld steamer and it has two big pluses compared to the old one. First, it has a very long 200 inch cord. This means I can clean a large area without needing to move the plug. Second, it has nozzle with a very long neck. When you clean with a handheld steam cleaner you cannot tip the unit itself too much for safety. A long nozzle is helpful when I wash the tub because I am working with something that is very low and long neck allows me to bring steam below the unit. My old handheld steamer has a long nozzle which is about half the length of this one and it was cumbersome to use to clean objects that were low.

Pure clean handheld steam cleaner comes with several nozzle heads: the short nozzle, the long nozzle (my favorite), an angled nozzle, and a squeegee head. There are two cloth covers and two brushes. Also included a measuring cup with a long beak which makes it easy to fill the water compartment.

In attached video I included cleaning of bathroom sink with 1 week worth of mess in it, including dried up toothpaste. Everything came off with the steam only, no cleaning solution was needed.

The steam cleaner worked well, it was easy to assemble, the very long cord made it easy to use without needing to move the plug. I was able to clean the entire bathroom on one tank of water with about 1/2 left over.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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