Monday, April 28, 2014

Product review: BelleSha Round Facial Sponge pack of 12 Cosmetics

I have been using BellaSha sponges for over two weeks and I love them - the thickness is perfect, the texture is nice, I found more uses for them than I expected.

This package has 12 sponges. Each sponge is approximately 3 inches in diameter. As you see in attached video which shows all sponges on 1 inch grid mat they are slightly different in size. They feel stiff when they are dry and become sift when you wet them. Neither the packaging nor Amazon description states the material that they made out. I contacted the manufacturer and learned that they are made out of natural cellulose (wood fibers).

They feel great on my skin, and I now use them not only in my skin but in the shower as well. They are not harsh but remove dead skin very effectively. For cosmetics use I particularly like using them remove the facial facial mask.

The sponges are durable and can be re-used many times. The easiest way to keep a sponge bacteria free is to let it air dry between uses. Once a week I wet the sponge and throw it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Note: wetting the sponge is important so the sponge does not catch on fire.

I like these sponges, they have a nice texture and just the right size.

You can find these sponges on Amazon by following this link.

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