Friday, April 4, 2014

Product review: Pyle PSTM40 Pure Clean Steam Floor Mop

After using this steam mop for two weeks I am very pleased with it. It is easy to work with (under 9 pounds in weight) and it does a nice job cleaning.

This floor mop combines a sweeper and steam mop. The bottom of the mop has two parts: the front is a roller brush which picks up particles and the back part has a pad which cleans. With a new England winter we drag in a lot of stand that used to cover up ice spots. The brush did a very effective job collecting this sand in to a container so the pad was not as dirty as I expected after the cleaning was done. The dust container just lifts up when you need to empty it. I found that it is easier to empty not right after you clean, but before you clean the next time. The dust compartment gets some steam coming up from the floor, this makes some of the sand and dust absorb wetness and stick to the sides of the pan, so it is easier to empty the dust pan completely when it dries out.

This map is designed for sealed hard wood floors, tile, and vinyl floors. It also comes with a glider that can be attached to the bottom to use on carpets. The cleaning pads attach to the mop by Velcro. The bottom of the mop has heavy duty built in Velcro strips that grab on to the Velcro on the bottom of the mop. I suppose with time they will pick up dirt and will not hold as well, but so far the hold is very secure, the pad did not come off during cleaning and took a strong pull to remove it. The mop came with two micro fiber pads.

The mop came disassembled and was very easy to put together. The instruction were very clear (words and pictures), and the pieces fit together easily without any fussing.

From the floor to the tip of the handle is 47". The handle is not adjustable. I am 5'2" and found that height just right for me. It comes with a nice long cord which is 95".

I thought the mop did a fine job cleaning. The steam is released by a button on the handle. Pushing the mop on the tiles floor were easy. The mop head is fairly large (10.5" inches across) and there were some places where I wanted to clean but could not fit in in.

The mop is not perfect, some of the minor nits I have are

1) The water container is difficult to remove. It is large, smooth, and fits tightly into the base. There is nothing to grab on to pull it out.
2) After the cleaning some water drains onto the floor, so don't leave it on wood leave it on a surface that does not mind being wet. I found a plastic container cover which is almost the exact size as the mop head and when I store it I put the mop on top of this cover so any small amount of drainage stay on the plastic and evaporates.

Overall, I thought the mop did a nice job. It was easy to use, it did a nice job cleaning, and I liked how it swept up the sand before mopping so the pad remained fairly clean.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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