Monday, August 7, 2017

Product review: IRIS GEMMA Silver Leaf Ear Cuff Crawler Earrings Ear Climber Studs Hypoallergenic Pairs

These silver-colored earrings are 1 1/8" long.  You put them in as any regular earring and then twist them up. It stays in that position by compressing the ear from the front and from the back.  The compression is not painful but I do feel it because my ear is not used to feeling something in that area.

Sometimes it falls out of the position but it looks nice when it hangs down as well so it is not a problem when I can't fix it right away.  Attached photos show it in both position.  I am not sure of the material of the earrings (description says gold plated) but I do know that if they had any nickel my ears would itch and they do not itch, so they are nickel free.

I like the earrings, I did not have anything like them before.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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