Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Product review: IRIS GEMMA 1 Pair of Hypoallergenic White Gold Plated Punk Sun Ear Cuff Ear Jacket Earrings

I liked the picture on the listing that showed the silver spokes visible behind behind the ear. Unfortunately on my ears if you place the jacket behind the ear you can see only the very tips of the spokes and this does not look nice.

On the positive side the jacket takes any stud earring so I can use it not only with this earring but my own.

From the hole in the middle of the jacket to the bottom of jacket the length is 1/2".  So you can measure if these jackets will work for you.

The seller's description says that some people need to bend the earrings to fit their ear. Maybe this description means that the seller suggests that the jacket's spokes have to be straightened by the buyer to make them longer (they are at a 90 degree angle so they surround the bead if the jacket is placed in front of the ear).

However, I do not have tools to reshape the earrings and I am sure if I did they would come out crooked as I have no experience in manipulating tiny earring parts.  I really liked how the earrings looked in the stock photo, but if they need to be stretched and reshaped to achieve this result the seller should have performed this task before shipping the earrings.

Since the earrings are usable and work with other studs I am giving them a three star rating, but I am disappointed that I could not get the unique look liked in the stock photo.
You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★☆☆

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