Saturday, March 26, 2016

Product review: Z-Edge Portable Powerful 12V DC Wet/Dry 100W Car Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum is 15.5" long and weighs 1 pound 9.6 oz. It felt quite light and I was not sure if it would have sufficient suction, but it surprised me. This vacuum works well especially when I put a crevice nozzle attachment: it picked up all kinds of sand, twigs, and stones in my car in just a few sweeps. It worked better than my hand held wireless vacuum which I used to use for this job before.

Zedge vac comes with several attachments: the crevice nozzle (my favorite), two types of brushes, and a hose. The package also includes a carrying bag. The bag is very snug and fits the vacuum and attachments, but not the hose. I would have liked the bag to be bigger so it is not so snug and I would have liked it to be big enough to fit the hose as well so I could keep everything together.

The AC cord is 184" inches long. I can reach not only my back seat but even my trunk without unplugging it from the port in the front of the car.

Changing the filter is easy. There is a button next to the on/off switch that pops off the dust compartment. When you close it you need to point the dust compartment down because the filter does not lock in, so you need to use gravity to keep in the right orientation.

Despite being light and small it really sucks (in a good way).

YOu can find this vac on Amazon via this link

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