Friday, March 4, 2016

Product review: LOPOO Key Chain Flashlight

This flashlight is 2 5/8" long and has three modes: bright, medium, and strobe. I like the mechanism for turning on the light and changing modes. It is a slide switch which is used not only to turn on the flash light but to change modes as well. It cycles through three modes with every slide. I can hold the flashlight and change the mode with one hand which sometimes is quite useful.

How bright is bright? To answer this question an easy way I used a lux meter which measures light intensity and compared the brightness of this flash light with a 60 watt bulb, because everyone has a good feel for how bright a 60 watt bulb is.

Flashlight bright mode at 19" = 1492 lux
Flashlight low mode at 19" = 392 lux
Fluorescent bulb at 19" = 613 lux

The flashlight runs on one AAA battery, the battery is included. The battery has a stopper in the flashlight to preserve the battery (a red disc which is easy to see if you open the flashlight). The weight of the flashlight with the battery installed is 0.9 oz.

I received this flashlight for testing and review. The flashlight produces pretty bright light, alhtough the beam of the light is not large. I am including a video to give you a better idea of what to expect.

You can find this LOPOO Key Chain Flashlight by following this link to Amazon.

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