Monday, March 28, 2016

Product review: Dante RFID Blocking Slim Wallet for Women with many Slotsoduct review:

I have been using this wallet for almost two weeks and I like having so many compartments: 10 credit card slots, one ID Window, two currency pockets, one zippered pouch. I got the red color as my main purse is red and is a pretty good match in color. Initially the credit card slots were very tight and it took some effort to pull out each credit cards but after about of week of daily use it got better as the leather stretched out.

Its size is 3.75" x 7.25" (a little smaller than Amazon description).
The id compartment is 3 5/8" long and 2 5/8" wide. It fits both the drivers license and the passport card (which is tiny bit large than the driver's license).

Drivers license is 3 3/8" X 2 1/8"
Passport card is 3 1/2" x 2 1/4"

There are two aspects to consider about this wallet. First, how does it fit all items one wants to carry in the wallet. Second, is RFID protection worth paying extra for.

When is RFID useful? There are three types of credit cards:
1) Cards that have only magnetic strip do not emit any kind of data for the thieves to steal. RFID protection is not needed.

2) RFID cards which are are identified by wavy lines on the card (see attached photo). These cards came into being a few years ago and has not became widely used. RFID chip cards produce radio waves which can be picked by thieves that are are a few feet away from the card and can be targets for electronic pick pockets. RFID protection is needed.

3) The new EMV chipped cards they are now a requirement and are common. EMV cards work either by being inserted into a check out terminal or by Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC radio signals degrade very quickly, they can only be transmitted within a very short distance measured in centimeters. This need for proximity makes the risk of electronic pick pockets extremely low. In addition, the data transmitted by the card is encrypted which further minimizing the risk. Whether RFID protection is needed is more of a personal preference rather than yes or no purely based on the technology.

So what is the bottom line? For the old fashioned magnetic strip cards RFID protection is not needed at all. If you have the old RFID type credit card, the RFID wallets are useful. For the EMV credit cards they are not really needed but could provide peace of mind for those who worry.

This wallet is provided by Dante for evaluation and review. I hope my review was helpful to figure it if the wallet is match for your needs. RFID protection is not a key feature for me, but I like the way it looks and the number of compartments it has.

YOu can find "Dante Wallet" on Amazon by following this link.

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