Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Product review: Leak Detector for your basement or kitchen by Alert Innovations LLC

One Drop Water Alarm is very sensitive to water as long as you put it the right side up. How can you tell which side is the right side? Make you can read the web address of the company in the left top corner. If the web address is backwards you got it upside down and it will not make any noise. I show how the mat reactions to drops of water with the right side up and the wrong side up.

I have had a leak under my sink in the past and it went undetected for several days until it caused some damage. This mat is going to let me right away. The mat very thin (1 mm thick) it comes with net liner so metal thing do not the lines on the mat and general false alarms. The mat can be trimmed as long as you cut between the sensor lines.

The alarm has two modes music and alarm, both are very loud and unpleasant. They can be turned off by changed the switch on the box. I made sure it was easily accessible because I will want to turn it off as soon as it lets me know there is a problem.

The alarm runs on 9volt battery and the battery is not included.

I received a sample unit from manufacture to share my experience with the alarm (be they positive or negative) the with potential future buyers. This fairly inexpensive device can save you a lot of money by preventing water damage.

You can locate One Drop of Leak Detector on Amazon via this link.

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