Thursday, March 24, 2016

Product review: CYC® Motorcycle Winter Snowmobile Face Mask Windproof Outdoor Balaclava Hood

I got this balaclava because my husband is a cat person. I thought he would get a kick out of me wearing and it was a hit. It is well crafted, and the nose on the mask lines up very well with my nose - so the overall effect is quite good.

However to give this great visual effect the designers made one major change to a traditional balaclava design. Unlike a traditional balaclava, you cannot totally pull down the bottom part of mask that covers the nose and mouth. I can pull it down under my nose, but not all the way below my chin. If I put it under my chin my eyes are covered with fabric, the opening is too small.

Why does it matter? Anyone who has worn a balaclava knows that they get tremendously warm. Even in wearing this thin balaclava I felt I had to open my face every now and then to cool off. I could not do it without taking the entire thing off. And to put it back on I had to unbutton my coat.

I decided to wear it because we had a stretch with sub zero record cold temperatures (frostbite warnings in 10 minutes of skin exposure) so taking it on and off was unpleasant because I had to take off my hat and unbutton the coat to do so.

So it gets great marks for appearance and craftsmanship. However, it gets low marks for practicality. After one day of attempting to wear it how I would wear a real balaclava, now I think of it as a costume. A great looking costume and comfortable for a costume, but not a balaclava I would wear doing sports or walking around in a sub zero temperature.

I received a this balaclava for evaluation and review. Getting a free product does not effect what I say. I described both pluses and minuses of my experience exactly as I see them.

You can locate this Face Mask Balaclava on Amazon via this link.

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