Saturday, December 26, 2015

Product review: VonHaus Vacuum Bags (12 pack) - 12 x Space Saver Bags

Let me start by correcting the description. This bag does not contain 12 vacuum bags of the same kind. 3 smaller bags are compression style bags (which you roll to push out air), and 8 bags are the kind you use with a vacuum cleaner (which sucks out air from a special valve). In my experience compression style bags do not work as well, although they could be useful when traveling and one does not have access to a vaccum clearner. However, the Amazon description should have clearly spelled out that the package contains different type of vacuum bags.

I use vacuum bags to store seasonal clothing. I have used a number of vacuum bags in the past and some of them have stayed compressed for years. The most critical part of the process is to seal the big opening really well. Some vacuum bags come with a clip which you can move back and forth to make sure the bags is closed well quickly. My package was missing these clips. It is possible to seal the bags without the clips by using your fingers and listening for the clicks. When you hear no clicks it means the grooves fit perfectly together. It works, but it takes more time than a sealing clip.

The second step is evacuate air with the hose and then seal the opening. The tricky part comes when you remove the hose and close the clip. Some vacuum bags have a seal which does not let the air escape, this bag does not have such a seal and I heard a hiss of escaping air until I closed the opening and pressed it a few times.

I used several of the bags so far and I would say that I get about 50% compression. How much compression you get depends on how fluffy the things you are compressing are.

I received these bags for testing and review. Getting a free product does not prevent me from speaking honestly about pluses and minuses of the product. These bags work but the product and description of the product have several short comings that I described.

YOu can find "VonHaus Vacuum Bags" on Amazon by following this link

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