Saturday, December 12, 2015

Product review: FUNOC Leather Women Wallet Purse Credit Card Clutch holder Case

I have been using this wallet for a few weeks and I love how it looks and having a large number of compartments. The wallet has 8 card holders, 3 cash slots, 2 dividers and 1 zip pocket. In addition to 8 card holders there is also a pocket which can be used to hold additional 4 credit cards, so I actually carry 12 cards.

The wallet is made out of leather and has relief embossing.  Amazon description refers to it as genuine leather in one place, and as synthetic leather in another.  If it is synthetic it is a very good imitation because I thought it was real until I noticed the word Synthetic as I was publishing my review.  I selected Black Peony color. It is black with subtle coloring, the colors are less bright than in the stock photo and I like how it looks in person even better than the stock photo.

The wallet is 7.7" long and 4.5" wide. When I stuffed it with all my cards it became 1" thick.

It closes with a gold colored heart charm. Also enclose a 7.5" leather loop. Both have a clasp so you can choose to have both or just one attached to the wallet. I removed the gold charm and attached the leather strap to the zipper.

This wallet is provided by ArcEnCiel for evaluation and review. I like it! It is a very attractive looking wallet with lots of slots.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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