Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Product review: Thinklux E26 LED Filament Bulb 7w LED Light Bulb

These bulbs are shaped just like an incandescent bulb, but they have a 7W LED filament. The rating says that it replaces a 60 watt incandescent. I did not have a 60 watt incandescent to compare it with, so I compared with 60 watt fluorescent bulb which generates a very similar amount of light to an incandescent bulb (in the past I measured the output of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with a lux meter and the measurements were very similar). To give me an unbiased measurement of brightness I measured the light the LED buls and fluorescent bulb with a lux meter. A lux meter measures light intensity. I took both measurements at 19" and 13" using a ruler under the fixture to keep the light in exactly the same position for each test.

In the attached photo I show my desk under a fixture with each bulb side by side. The LED bulb is slightly brighter and generated slightly cooler light. The measurements below confirm the visual appearance with these numbers:

LED bulb at 13" = 1288 lux
Fluorescent bulb at 13" = 1002 lux

LED bulb at 19" = 768 lux
Fluorescent bulb at 19" = 527 lux

These LED bulb come on instantly. The length of the bulb is 4.25" and the width is 2.5". One of the photos shows the bulb on 1/2" grid mat for size reference.

What a nice bulb! It is brighter than I expected and looks just like good ol' incandescent.

This bulb is provided by Thinklux for testing and review. I hope this comparison will give you a better idea of what expect.

You can find Thinklux E26 LED Filament Bulbs on Amazon by following this link

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