Thursday, December 24, 2015

Product review: Bull Titan Women's Twinface Shearling Lined Foldable Winter Snow Boots

My shoe size is 7.5 and I got these boots in size 8. Sometimes Asian sizes run a little small but these boots are true to size. Size 8 is a little large on me with a thin socks and perfect with a thick wool sock. This is exactly how a size 8 fits me.

The boot is 8 inches tall when measure on the side the sole to the top of the boot with the sheepskin folded down. The shearling lining extends all the way down into the boot and the sole. The sole is made out of synthetic rubber. The sole has some bumps for traction, but it does not provide great traction. For a winter boot I would have liked to see a bit more texture on the sole, The boot does not have much arch support. I am slightly flat footed and plan add my own liner with a bit more arch support. The liner fits well because as I mentioned earlier I got a slightly bigger boot than I need.

I am finding the boots very comfortable and they look similar to UGG boots, but with less traction on the bottom of the sole. I hope the video gives you a better idea of what they look like.

A sample pair of boots is provided by Bull Titan to test the fit in American market. Asian sizes can be tricky but these boots are sized correctly. I used a chart under stock photos to determine the right size.

You can find these boots on Amazon by following this link

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