Monday, December 28, 2015

Product review: Cavoli 8 Inch Two-Sided Swivel Wall Mounted Mirror Bathroom Mirror Wall Mount with 5x Magnification

This mirror is so convenient in a tight places! I can put it away when it is not inuse and pull it out when I need it. I am using it a garden shed where I put on sunblock, or need to clear something that got into my ears while working in the garden. The mirror is very clear. One side is a regular mirror the other is a 5X magnification mirror.

It comes with all mounting hardware including hollow wall anchors and metal covers for the nail heads.

I was provided this mirror for testing and review as part of a new product introduction. It is exactly what I expected.

You can find "Cavoli 8 Inch Two-Sided Swivel Wall mirror" on Amazon by following this link

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