Friday, December 18, 2015

Product review: GROSCHE London Drop In Ultra Fine Laser Cut Stainless Steel Tea Infuser (Brew-in-cup infuser)

I am a tea drinker so I have used many different tea infusers through the years.  The stroing point of this tea infuser is the fine stainless steel mesh, it works even with small cut tea.  I also like the shape which makes it easy to clean - a large opening that I can get easily clean with a brush.

This infuser works with cups 4" wide or less.  4" is the width of the infuser's lip that rests on the rim of the cup.

If I had to find a negative, it is the fact that I can't see the tea while it is brewing so I can't tell the strength without lifting an infuser.  This is not a big deal just different from my other infusers.

This infuser is simple and practical. It makes it easy to try to try interesting teas by shopping in asian markets and speacialty tea shops.

I received this infuser for testing and review. I like it!

You can find GROSCHE London Drop infuser on Amazon by following this link

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