Saturday, July 18, 2015

Product review: Setaluna Premier Soft & Silky 100% Satina Bed Sheet Set

The bed sheet set is made ot of 100% Satina microfiber. The material feels similar to sateen because it has a certain silkiness to it. It has a dense weave and feels softer than 100% cotton sheets which feel "crispy". Satina is thicker than other microfiber sheets I have tried.

I selected Camel color which turned out to be a beautiful rich umber yellow color. I am very pleased with it. The sheets come out of the dryer totally wrinkle free. The pillow cases felt nice against my face. The sheet is cut very generously and a bit more slippery than cotton. This combination does not keep the sheet taught on our mattress like the cotton sheets. It does not cause discomfort but it requires more tucking and straightening if I want it to look good. For reference, the fitted sheet pockets are 13" inches and our mattress is 10". I am guessing that if the mattress is thicker there will be less bunching on the top. For my sheets I need to use sheet gators which keep the sheet from slipping. It is a little more work, but the results are very good.

♦ Fitted Sheet is 80"x60". It has 13" pocket and elastic around all 4 edges.
♦ Flat Sheet is 102"x90".
♦ 2 Pillowcases are 20" x 30". Each has three embroidered stripes on one edge of one side.

Most seams are singly stitched, the corners on the fitted sheet are double stitched. This will help them to to last longer.

The sheets/pillow cases did not shrink after washing, they are color fast (I washed them with a color catcher to be sure), and they came out wrinkle free out of the dryer.

Care recommendation from Setaluna: Machine wash in cold water. Do not iron or dry clean.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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