Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Product review: AUSDOM Dash Cam Recorder, All-in-One Automobile Car DVR

We own a couple of dash cams and this one does pretty well compared to the others:

1) video quality - decent during the day day and during the night. You can see the video it took during the day in the sun and at night. The colors are a little bit washed in the sun, and at night the oncoming lights are slightly overexposed in order to capture video in the dark. Both are acceptable for a car dash cam, although I would not use it to capture a special occasion as I would want the colors captured better.
2) This camera has an excellent suction cup mount, stayed on even on rough roads.
3) The dash cam uses stands micro USB cables, the package includes two cables long (47") and longer (138").
4) The cam has an LED display so I can tell that the cam is aimed correctly, the displays does turn off while I am driving and so far I have not found an option that would allow it to stay on permanently.

Ausdom cam records video, GPS, and audio. It has an auto turn on/auto turn off feature. It turns on as soon as it gets power so you don't have to remember to turn it on. It can be turned off manually if desired.

This video recorder has many options: video quality, recording in a loop or stopping when disk is full, recording all the time or only when motion is detected, and so forth. The camera records full HD 1080p video, the clarity of the video is very good.

In attached video I show video of the Ausdom cam as well as the video recorded by the cam.

The Ausdom package includes the camera, two mini USB cables, and cigarette lighter USB adapter.

The user interface is straightforward and even though the manual does not contain details for each button and each option, it contains a picture where each button's function is labelled. I found the manual sufficient to configure my video cam. All defaults were very reasonable.

Overall, I was impressed with the camera and the video it captured.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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