Saturday, March 22, 2014

Product review: Pro-Line Helping Hands Soldering Station with Illuminated Magnifier & 15 Watt Soldering Iron

Have you wished to have another hand while working on the project? Pro-line helping hands soldering station gives you two extra hands! This soldering station has a pair of strong alligator clips that can be used to hold items while you are soldering, glueing, or working on any project. The stand is stable and the metal "hands" that can hold items as small as jewellery and as large as a circuit board. The built-in 2x magnifying lens is position right, and the ring of 10 LED lights casts a nice bright light exactly where you need it.

The heavy steel base is 8" x 6.5" in size with slip-resistant feet for stability. Flexible arms are 5" apart and end with alligator clips that can hold a variety of objects securely in place. The loops is 5.5" inches across and 10 LED lights are mounted in a circle around it. The goose neck that holds the loops and the lights is 8" long. The neck is very flexible and stays in the position you put it.

Soldering iron stand, solder spool holder, brass mesh tip cleaner and cleaning sponge are attached to the base. The unit runs either from AC power (AC cord and adapter are included) or on 4 "AA" batteries (which are not included).

The soldering iron has an ergonomically shaped handle which is 6.5" long. It stays cool while you use it, and its texture is grippy. The package includes a 2" x 2" safety stand. The soldering iron has ceramic heating element and heats up quickly. Maximum temperature is 824°F (440°C). The tip is iron-clad chrome-plated and replaceable. The soldering iron has a 8-foot power cord.

In attached video you see my husband working on the banana plugs for audio cables. He thought the alligator clips worked great, the light was sufficient, the magnifying glass was helpful. After completing the project he gave both the soldering station and the soldering iron 5 stars.

I received a sample station and soldering iron with a request for an honest review. Getting a sample does not influence what I say, the review is purely based on how the product worked. My husband is very happy with the soldering iron and the soldering station.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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