Saturday, March 8, 2014

Product review: iKross 4-in-1 Universal Windshield / Dashboard / Sun Visor / Air Vent Car Mount

In the market place where there are so many car mounts that are very similar to each other 4-in-1 iKross car mount really stands out. In addition to the windshield and dash mount iKross 4-in-1 also includes a mount that attaches to the car's vent and the car's visor.

The phone holder is universal, it opens from 1.6" to 4.1" wide and the arms extend 1.125". My Nexus phone has an extended battery which makes it much fatter than a typical smart phone. However this holder holds my big girl very securely.

★ The windshield mount held securely and the 4" arm brings the phone to a nice distance to the driver. 360 degree swivel ball joint allows full freedom of positioning.
★ The dash mount works with a disk that needs to be permanently adhered to the dash. The gel pad can be washed for longer life.
★ The mount that I was most interested was the vent mount. We use windshield mounted Nexus 7 for navigation, however occasionally we also need to refer to information on the phone and I typically have to hold it in my hands. A vent mount allows us to have both devices mounted in way that is convenient for the driver to see. The vent mount hold very well, but it took a bit of experimenting to wind a quick and easy way to mount it on the vent. I fount that the easiest way to mount it was to dissemble it and to mount the arms into the vent first (see video), then add the plate, and then attach the phone mount. The mount works on horizontal air louvre vents.
★ The visor clip put the phone an an awkward position for using during driving. I had to take my eyes off the road quite a bit and it did not feel like a good option to navigation. However, it was a pretty nice option if you wanted to use your phone as a music player that you did not have to look at.

Overall, I thought it was a nice package that gave us some unique options.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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