Monday, March 24, 2014

Product review: Belkin 12 Outlet Home Surge Protector Extended Cord 4156 Joules

I purchased a 10 feet 12 outlet version of the Belkin extended cord. This is a well designed and well spaced out power center. My video shows how several large power bricks and chargers fit on the power strip. For example two Eneloop chargers do not fit next to each other, but if they are plugged in the ends there is enough room left to plug in a medium size plug between them. I was able to replace two power strips with zero room to expand with one Belkin strip and I still have plenty of room to expand.

⬤ Size:
The power strip is 4" wide, 12.5" long and 1" thick. The power cord is 10 feet (3 meters). The surger protector provide 4156 joules in surge protection.

⬤ Extra features:
The strip has detachable clip to keep cords tidy.

In my video I show the top and the bottom of the strip. You can see that the back of the surge protector has two mounting holes for hanging the strip on the wall.

The on/off switch is on the side, next to the cord.

This surge protector has sliding safety covers. Closing the covers on the outlets that are not in use will minimize dust and debris getting into the outlets.

⬤ Light indicators:
* The "Protected" green light should be on when the power switch is turned on. If this light goes out at any time, it means that your Surge Protector was sacrificed to protect your equipment and the strip should be replaced.
* The "Not Grounded" red light should not be on. If this light turns on, you may have a ground wiring problem. In my video you can see my using the the protector in an strip without a ground wire and the light is on, then you can see the strip plugged into an outlet with a proper ground and the light is off.

⬤ Warranty:
Connecting a Belkin Surge Protector to an improperly grounded outlet will void all Belkin warranties. If your home is properly grounded and the Surge Protector's "Not Grounded" red indicator light is on Belkin will replace the surge protector at no cost.

I am very pleased with surge protector, it takes up a lot less space than the two power strips it replaced and I have a lot of free outlets left for further expansion.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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