Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Product review: OXA Bluetooth Wireless 3.0 Keyboard with Aluminum Alloy Holder

I have tried several bluetooth keyboards over the last year and this one is among my favorites.

✔ For me it achieves a perfect balance between size and comfort.
✔ Keystroke response is excellent, there is no delay, keys have the right sensitivity for my key strokes, no key strokes were lost as I typed
✔ The keys feel good and have a nice feedback. The accuracy of my typing is good using it.

OXA keyboard has a solid feel to it. It weighs 14.7 oz. It is 9.75" wide, 7.5" front to back, it is 0.25" thick. Each key is a tad over 1/2" by 1/2" in size. The size of the keys is very comfortable, I did not feel I had to adjust my hand position at all. The individual keys of the keyboard are made out of hard plastic. The base of the keyboard is made out of aluminium. The keyboard has very nice feedback, I felt confident that I was making good contact.

The only thing it is lacking that I liked in another keyboard is keyboard back light. This is a very minor nit and not a deal breaker in any way.

I tested this keyboard with my iPad Mini and my Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet. Both worked well, paired easily and remembered when both the keyboard and the tablets were turned off. I also was able to have both of them paired with the keyboard at the same time.

The keyboard has a stand that holds a tablet in either vertical or horizontal position. The stand is very grippy, you can see that in the attached video. Both of my keyboards fit the stand, but only when the case/folio is removed.

I found that I type much faster using this keyboard than on screen keyboard, especially when I have to mix letters and numbers in the text.

I am attaching a video which shows pairing the keyboard and using it with my tablets. What is particularly nice is that some application do not display on screen keyboard, so you get the benefit of the entire screen containing the information without being covered by on screen keyboard. Some applications still display on screen keyboard even when the keyboard paired with the device, so it depends if the application developer anticipated bluetooth keyboard use or not.

I received this keyboard for testing and review (be it positive or negative) from the manufacturer. I hope the video will help you set your expectations.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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