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Product review: Comparison review: SP-4000 and SP-4001 Secu auto emergency escape tools

In this review I am comparing Secur emergency tools SP-4000 and SP-4001. When I was trying to select one of these tools the difference in size between the two tools was not obvious to me. In order for an emergency tool to be helpful in a true emergency (for example the car being submerged in water) the tool has to be easily reachable from the driver's seat. So I wanted a tool that can be stored on a console between the seats, but I could determine the actual size of each tool from the description.

I decided to get both tools and write a comparison review.

SP-4000 is is 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. It weighs 4.2 oz.
SP-4001 is is 9 inches long and 2.25 inches wide. It weighs 8.8 oz.

SP-4000 has a flashlight, flashing white emergency light, built-in dynamo charger, stainless steel pin for breaking glass, and a seatbelt cutter.
[Note: SP-4000 documentation mentions a red flashing light, but SP-4000 only has a white flashing light]

SP-4001 has a flashlight, flashing red emergency light, built-in dynamo charger, metal hammer for breaking glass, a seatbelt cutter. It also has two additional features SP-4000 does not offer a port for charging a mobile device and magnets to hold the flashing red light on top of the car. Note that the magnets are on the same areas as the flashlight so when the tools is held up by magnets the flashlight will not be usable. The red emergency light is on the other end of the tool and will be visible if the magnet hold it to the roof of the car, for example.

To charge the tool you need to crack the handle at a speed of 3 revolutions per second for about a minute. I thought both tools were reasonably easy to use.

The flashlight capability were similar and both seat belt cutters worked well (see video).

The SP=4001 hammer is a better tool for breaking the glass as it is bigger and heavier than the SP-4000 stainless steel pin.

I tested charging of the mobile devices with a current monitor and the charge it generated was very low. I only was able to generate 0.15-0.20 amps and only when I was cranking continuously. It would take quite a bit of work and time to charge a device this way.

My favorite feature was a flashing red light which can be put on top of the car with magnets. The likelyhood of that being useful is much higher than the rest of the tool, as it can be used if the car break downs or while changing a flat tire.

So what is the bottom line? Which one of the two tools I like better? For my console storage 9 inches is too long, so SP-4000 is the choice for the next to the driver storage. However, I really liked the flashing light that could be held with a magnet on the roof. So SP-4001 travels with me in the trunk.

I received Secur emergency tools from Secur for evaluation and review. Even though turns out I was not able to select one tool is a clear winner I hope it makes it easier for you to decide which one would work best for you.

You can find the large tool on Amazon by following this link

You can find the small tool on Amazon by following this link

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