Sunday, February 2, 2014

Product review: Atomic Water Resistant LCD CLock with 1.5" time Number and 5" Face

I purchased this shower clock rather than a similar clock offered by the same company because of its size. This wall clock is 6.5" across, and hours/minutes display is 1.5" high and 2.5" wide. I can see the clock very well. It also show temperature, day of the week, and date. It has built-in atomic clock function but in my bathroom I don't get good reception for the signal.

The clock runs on one AA battery. Battery is not included in the package.

The clock has three mounting options:
➊. 4 large suction cups
➋. a loop for hunging on a hook
➌. a stand which is stored inside the back cover of the wall clock (see video)

The instructions that come with the clock are fairy poor. The documentation did not mention that the stand is stored inside the clock, at first I thought it was missing.

In addition. it was not clear from the documentation how to remove the back in order to insert the battery and set the time. The back has 8 small screws, and I started by removing them. Turns out that exposed the clock computer, not the battery compartment. The 9th small screw on the back, is a cover for the antenna and also does not need to be removed. To expose the battery and the control panel you need to twist the back. It is very tightly on and that's why when I initially tried twisting it it did not budge.

In order to remove the cover you need to twist the hook loop counter-clock-wise until it lines up with a small white arrow on the back, then pull up. To put the back cover back on reverse the procedure, line up the hook loop with the arrow and twist clock-wise.

I don't get good RCC signal for automatic time setting in the bathroom, so I set the time manually. Here are instructions for setting the time manually:

➊. Turn off RCC signal reception by pushing "signal" button in the back. You can tell the signal is off because the antenna icon will not be visible on the clock face. If RCC signal reception is on, the icon is always blinking.

➋. Set the time zone by clicking the up arrow on the back, it will toggle through all time zones. Once you select the one you want click set button.

➌. Click set button to set the time, the year, and the date. Note that the date is displayed in European format with the day first and months second. For example, December 29 is displayed as 29/12. I did not find a setting that would allow me to change the format of the date.

I have been using this clock in my bathroom for three weeks now. The clock is attached by suction cups and has been stuck rock solid. I am testing it every day to see if needs readjustment but it has not been a problem so far. It has not fogged up during hot showers (I hung it just above the shower head). I like the large display. This clock is exactly what I was hoping for.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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