Saturday, December 21, 2013

Product review: SURPAHS WAVE Bamboo In-Drawer Knife Storage Block

This bamboo knife block is very attractive and practical. I like the horizontal orientation of the knife block. It meant to be an in-drawer knife block but I keep in on the kitchen counter, under the cabinets where a vertical knife block I had before did not fit well. I like bamboo because it is hard, lasts a long time and look attractive. This knife block has a beautiful light brown natural finish.

The video include a photo of the block with various knives I own. You can see that the block can accommodate various sizes including a ceramic knife in its sheath.

Here are the measurements:
♦ 17" long
♦ 5.25" wide
♦ 5 long slots
♦ 6 shot slots
♦ It weighs 2 pounds 15.4 oz

Bamboo knife block care:
♦ Knife block is not dishwasher safe. It should be washed with hot soapy water
♦ Manufacturer recommends applying mineral or vegetable oil to the surface

I thought the knife block is well made, nicely finished, and looks beautiful. I would recommend it.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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