Monday, December 2, 2013

Product review: Rabbit V.I.P. Electric Corkscrew

After a couple of back surgeries my hand strength is pretty bad. One of the things that is difficult for me is opening wine bottles. When Metrokane asked me to test and review Metrokane Electric Rabbit Wine Opener I eagerly agreed knowing I will be one of their weakling testers.

I finally found the wine opener that is easy for me to use! All I have to do is press the bottom button on the wine opener and wait until the motor stops, and then push the top button to eject the cork from the wine opener. No strength needed at all! At the 4th of July gathering we opened a few bottles using it, and they all worked equally well.

Attached video starts with the use of the foil cutter - one has to squeeze and turn it to cut off the foil. Then the video shows extracting the cork, and finishes up with ejecting the cork.

The bottle opener comes with a charger. It takes 5 hours to fully charge the opener. The top of the opener has a digital display which shows how many bottles you can open with the remaining charge. The fully charged unit can open 30 bottles.

I am attaching a collage of photos (which can be located by following 'customer photos' link under the main photo).

✔ Photo #1 shows the use of the foil cutter
✔ Photo #2 shows wine opening removing the cork
✔ Photo #3 shows the cork coming out of the wine opener
✔ Photo #4 shows the cork being ejected
✔ Photo #5 shows the wine opener being charged (just starting, so it shows 0 bottles)

The Metrokane Electric Rabbit Wine Opener comes in an attractive round box. It would make an attractive gift.

Electric Rabbit Wine Opener has a 1 year warranty. It can be returned for repair or replacement to Metrokane (proof of purchase is required) to the following address:
Metrokane Consumer Service
150 East 58th Street
New York, NY 10155

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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