Sunday, June 18, 2017

Product review: W&S 4 Gallons DrawString Strong Trash Bag Garbage Bag

The thing about unknown brands of trash bags is that their volume does not always match my expectation. A few times I got trash bags that were much smaller than expected.  The W&S trash bags are very similar in size to the 4 gallon Glad bags. In attached photo you can see the black W&S bag  with the white Glad bag on top of it for size comparison.  They are almost identical! W&S is just a little bit larger.

W&S bags are feel slightly thinner than Glad bags, they are good for soft light trash.  I am using them in the bathroom trash bin, they work very well there because all the bathroom trash is soft and small. In one of the photos I show my hand inside the bag, I think it gives a good idea of the bag thickness.  The black bag hides the content of the bag well and this is just right for the bathroom trash bag.

Each bag length is 17 3/4" and the width is 15.5" when folded in half (31" total). Note that my measurements are slightly different from the size in Amazon description. The bag has the same width at the top and at the bottom.  The bag has a draw string, which works well to close the bag when it is ready to be thrown out. The roll has 90 bags.

This trash bag is a good match for the bin in the small trash can of the Nine Stars touch-less trash can.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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